Colouring & Drawing Workshops

Let’s create art together! Launched in 2021, the Colouring and Drawing Workshops have become an interactive experience designed to let everyone create and collaborate far from judgement and limits.

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How it all started:

Born off an idea that Samme had a few years ago, these workshops come from a need to create a safe space for people to collaborate and express themselves with art.

The first workshop was organised in Coal Drops Yard at the end of August 2021 as part of a 3 days takeover where 18.5m of art were created with the help of more than 300 people!

Touched by the level of encouragement and excitement received, Samme has continue bringing these workshops to live across London.

Creativity isn’t about being right or wrong.

Our Mission is to Spread
Creative Happiness


We encourage everyone who takes part to be fully creative far from judgment, restrictions and rules.


Our crowd is so vary we get people of all ages to work together and collaborate in creative a collaborative piece of art.


Our workshops provide mindfulness and art therapy: we remind everyone to take some time off, to explore their creativity and to let loose.

What we offer:

Premium Art Materials

All art supplies and materials
are provided in all workshop

Goodie Bags for everyone

Limited Edition Goodie Bags
are given out to all workshop

Safe Creative Experience

Participants are welcome to
colour Samme's designs and
draw whatever they like.

Lovely feedback from workshop lovers:

"Luna and I participated in this activity on Friday and we loved coloring the characters created by the artist."
"Epic experience !!! Thanks Samme and the lovely colleague for your welcoming. It was so great!"

There are elements of self expression, therapy and mindfulness that carry throughout these activities.

Our aim is to create a safe space where we encourage all participants to feel comfortable and explore art free from judgement, restrictions and rules regardless of their age and experience.

We are always on the look out for new partners and sponsors to create the next Colouring & Drawing Experience.


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