Shop Fronts X Wildcard

15 coffees, but luckily the flat whites were on the house.

Working with Wildcard Coffee has been a pleasure. They are a company that is passionate about not only their coffee, but their community too. They want to make a difference to the city by creating spaces where people can come together and enjoy their coffee, surrounded by beautiful and unique artwork.

It’s been an honor to be a part of that process. The murals that I have created for Wildcard Coffee all have a different story to tell. For the Portobello Road mural, I wanted to capture the vibrant and eclectic spirit of the area. I used  bold lines to create a mural that is full of energy and movement. It’s a piece of art that reflects the vibrancy of Portobello Road and its history. 

The planters in the Kings Cross area allowed me to explore a different theme. And capture the history of kings cross and be little draker with a node to rock & roll so there are alot of lighting bolts, flying V guitars, stars and amps. 

I used flowing lines to create a series of murals that are both beautiful and functional. They add a touch character to the area, while also helping to define the space. Overall, working with Wildcard Coffee has been a fantastic experience. They are a company that values creativity, community, and quality, and it’s been a privilege to work with them to create unique and meaningful pieces of art.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future, and to seeing how their vision for the city continues to evolve and grow.

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