Mural X Doner Bros

Bold lines, Vibrant red paint, and playful doners. 

Creating a mural for Doner Bros’ new restaurant in the heart of Holborn, Central London was an exciting project that aimed to blend seamlessly with the restaurant’s interior

Imagine stepping into Doner Bros and being greeted by a captivating mural that reflects the spirit of their establishment. The mural features bold black lines and vibrant red paint, perfectly complementing the restaurant’s ambiance.

Within this dynamic artwork, lively characters inspired by kebab culture take center stage. These characters are a playful nod to the heart and soul of Doner Bros’ culinary offerings.

As you explore the mural, your eyes are drawn to juicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables, capturing the essence of their delicious, quality ingredients. You’ll also spot mouthwatering wraps, burgers, and shakes, all expertly depicted in vivid detail.

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